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Electrical Low Voltage Design

• LV Distribution Design • Lighting and Power • Standby Power Supply • Emergency lighting & power • Cable design and management • Earthing System and Lightning Protection

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Electrical Installation Works

• Electrical testing and commissioning • Lighting and power installation • Grounding • Generator and Auto Transfer Switch • Electrical Distribution Board • Lightning Arrestor • Cable support system such as conduit, trucking, tray and ladder • Power cable laying

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Plumbing & Sanitary Installation

• Cold & Hot Water Distribution System • Sanitary wares fitting • Pressure pump/ submersible pump • Installation of pipe fittings, valves and accessories • Drains, cleanout, hangers & support • Pipe sleeving • Installation of Soil, Waste, Vent System

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Electrical Extra Low Voltage

• CCTV and PA system • Telephone and Data Cabling • Access Control System • Fire Detection • Security System

Your satisfaction is our opportunity

Your satisfaction is our opportunity

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